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We’ve been receiving hundreds of comments with people wanting to share their personal story in testimonial form to share with others. Although our data is secure in the survey, some people still want a place where they can share their whole story, in context.

If you’re interested in sharing your’s as well, please feel free to submit it below.

These will be used as anecdotal stories, and wont be reported towards the full survey data collection – so be sure to complete the survey as well.

be bold enough

to stand tall

in your truth.

you are powerful.

you are a force.

no one can take

your story

away from you.

own it.

-alex elle

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  1. I am a 46 year old woman, on 6/23/2021 I gave my neighbors a ride they both took pfizer shots…

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  1. I am a 46 year old woman, on 6/23/2021 I gave my neighbors a ride they both took pfizer shots 1 and 2 the next day I had a massive headache , later it followed bruising all over both legs, rashes on my chest and legs, feeling very tried and weak, numbness in my fingers and feet, burning back pain, eye floaters, bleeding in the front and back, sometimes I would have 2 periods in a month , brown stuff coming out in between periods, sometimes jelly like clots, my vision is really bad I can no longer see nothing up close no more , before this I had 20/20 vision, 16 months later today, I still have massive headaches on the top and back of my head, my eye sight is still bad, even getting worse, brown stuff coming out, my period is still never the same, bleeding from behind, night sweats sometimes, numbness in my fingers while sleeping and when waking up, my home phone number is 1-610-443-0239 , if you want to talk with me or help me, I never thought I would still be suffering this long from pfizer shedding this is very dangerous Thanks for your time and help the truth needs to come out and people like me gets help and justice pfizer needs to pay for what they did to the world

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