We’ve added a place to share

We’re listening.

We’ve been receiving hundreds of comments with people wanting to share their personal story in testimonial form to share with others. Although our data is secure in the survey, some people still want a place where they can share their whole story, in context.

If you’re interested in sharing your’s as well, please feel free to submit it below.

These will be used as anecdotal stories, and wont be reported towards the full survey data collection – so be sure to complete the survey as well.

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be bold enough

to stand tall

in your truth.

you are powerful.

you are a force.

no one can take

your story

away from you.

own it.

-alex elle

Published by MyCycleStory

A group of doctors, scientists, professionals and advocates on a mission to draw attention to the issues women are facing in the post-COVID 19 era.

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