Who We Are

The survey is sponsored by General Genomics Inc. and developed and supported by a group of independent doctors, nurses, scientists and researchers. We are not a University. We are not associated with any particular organization. We are not funded by pharmaceuticals or have any conflict of interest.

We are a group of concerned data analysts, doctors, lawyers, scientists and citizens who are coming together in agreement that there is “something” happening and there is no one doing a thorough investigation on this issue. We have taken matters into our own hands by collecting the data. We are collecting as much information as possible so that we can provide quality and detailed data to the researchers that may be able to come to some conclusions.

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Our Mission

We want to make sure that women are being heard. Throughout history, our testimonies have been met with disregard and silence, especially when it comes to what is happening with our bodies. When we witnessed the influx of stories surrounding possible reactions, we knew this required an investigation. When we saw tens of thousands of stories being erased, we knew we had to step in.

When the University of Illinois came out with their research study on women’s cycles, we were left disappointed. It was not asking the right questions, and it was disregarding the horrific symptoms that so many women are facing. These women need to know they are being heard.

As a team, we are dedicated to ensuring your stories are heard.

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Why do we need to create a login?

For two reasons.

The first reason is to ensure that our data is of the highest quality and is less likely to be “fudged” by letting us know a real person is completing the survey only once.

The second reason is for convenience. We have created a very robust set of questions. We want to give people the opportunity to exit and still be able to come back and finish later if they need to.

Will my personal information be protected?

Yes. We follow all HIPAA guidelines with our technology. We deliberately worked with our data collection partner, General Genomics and Curo46, specifically because they’re able to encrypt the data collected and separate those responses from the individuals completing it. We cannot even see the responses specific to you, and they will never be shared with anyone else.

Will my email be safe?

Yes. We will not be using your email for anything other than confirming you’re a legitimate person completing the survey. Your info will not be used, sold, solicited to or anything. You are not signing up for any kind of membership or newsletter by creating your login. It’s solely for completing the survey.

Can we trust our data with our survey company, General Genomics?

We can!

To clarify: General Genomics, our survey and data management partner, uses machine learning technology to help make connections and correlations from health data plotting. The original program design is used for tracking complex info about people’s DNA and their diagnosis of disease to ultimately see through data mapping and machine learning (the technology noticing and watching for connections as data is collected) to help people understand the role DNA has in disease and illness.

We are NOT using the program with DNA data unless you volunteer that information- but the technology is smart enough to data map and find connections in all questions within our survey as well. So we partnered with this trustworthy group and their tool to help us with formalizing our survey, specifically because it’s designed to collect and PROTECT health data.

Despite the name of our partner company- We aren’t recording, messing with, or playing any role in information related to people’s genes. The data collected from the survey is completely detached from the person filling it out. We could remove the login phase but it helps us to ensure we are collecting valid data from real people (without it we are vulnerable to fake and repeated responses)

This has nothing to do with building any kind of list, darker purpose, data mining, eugenics, etc. In no way. If you’d like to connect with us personally, please fill out the form with your information and we will reach out. We are simply trying to give women a voice.

Whatever we need to do to ensure confidence that their data is safe and our partners are trustworthy we will do. We are open to diving into and investigating any doubts of course to help.

Why ‘Machine Learning?”

AI is not a bad thing in this case. Most studies and statistics by nature only look at 1-3 variables at once to find connections. Machine learning programs allow us to look at several or all the variables at the same time to try to make connections. This shows us complex relationships as to what may make others more susceptible to reactions, challenges, issues or symptoms. This means that the more information collected, the more we can learn.

Feel free to submit more questions and we’ll try to keep this page updated with answers.

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