Maureen McDonnell - MCS Group

Maureen McDonnell was a holistic pediatric RN for more than 40 years. After working in Labor and Delivery, Pediatrics, and teaching natural childbirth classes for 13 years, in 1990, she began organizing conferences focused on Natural Ways to Raise Healthy Kids in a Toxic World.  For 10 years she was the National Coordinator of the Defeat Autism Now! Conferences. 

Maureen also served as the Health Editor of WNC Woman Magazine for 7 years.  In 2008 she cofounded Saving Our Kids, Healing Our Planet ( and for 3 years, she was the Medical Coordinator of the Imus Ranch for Kids with Cancer in New Mexico. 

In 2019 Maureen called together 52 thought-leaders from various like-minded organizations for a 3-day mountain retreat summit with the explicit intention of building collaboration, strength, and effectiveness within the Vaccine Risk Aware and Health Freedom Movement. 

As a result of this summit, Maureen founded Millions Against Mandates. MAM is an organization that works in collaboration with many health freedom groups to create summits, webinars, educational videos, documentaries, toolkits, articles and research designed to educate, equip and empower Millions to advance health freedom and create a freer, saner and healthier future.    

Maureen interviews many of the leaders in the health and freedom movement in her podcast Fiercely Pursing the Truth.  All can be found at

Maureen lives with her husband in the mountains of western North Carolina and is the grandmother of 12 grandkids.