Volunteer for Our Latest Study

Once we learn WHAT is causing menstrual issues, we can help more people through proper prevention, solutions and treatments.

Join us as a participant in our next step in discovering answers and solutions. We’re looking for 50 subjects who have experienced menstrual irregularities that have OBGYN clinical records on file with biopsy or specimen samples collected in the past 2 years.

Our study endpoints include two important goals:

To examine the presence of spike protein and/or mRNA in body tissues removed by biopsy, surgery, blood draw, etc.

Main function- study tissue and confirm given diagnosis, stain for spike and spike

This initial study was initiated following feedback from obstetricians/gynecologists who were anecdotally finding increases in women with fertility and menstruation issues (including increases in bleeding, large blot clots, delays in cycles, miscarriages, and decidual cast shedding) following the advent of Covid-19 vaccinations in 2021.

This resulting study was designed as a simple survey, but yields results that can serve as the foundation for future research related to the relationship between fertility and COVID-19 vaccinations.

Apply below and one of our study contacts will reach out to you with further questions and instructions.

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