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The experiences of women have historically been ignored and undervalued in many areas of society. This has had a profound impact on women’s lives, as well as on society as a whole. COVID-19’s impact on women in general have created an unforseen impact in society as a result of women’s experiences being ignored.

Ignoring women’s experiences can lead to a lack of understanding and empathy for the issues that women face. When women’s experiences are not taken into account, it can be difficult to develop effective policies and programs that address their needs. This can result in women being marginalized and left behind, which can have long-term consequences for their health, well-being, and economic status. When women were censored and had their accounts deleted for sharing personal experiences of themselves and others, the media and government revealed their true colors.

Ignoring these women’s experiences only perpetuated harmful misinformation of realistic impacts that the COVID-19 vaccine may have been having. This only resulted in isolating women, devaluing their experiences and most importantly, investigation of the adverse effects of a vaccine that is being marketed to everyone.  

The media has created a culture of silence and shame around these issues. When women’s experiences are not acknowledged or validated, it can be difficult for women to speak out about issues such medical freedom and reproductive rights. These stories are adverse events that need to be considered for the health and safety of every woman.

Disregarding these women’s experiences has created a profound impact on society. We will not stand for it any longer.

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